“I did a session in 2006 after having not worked with the band for a little while. This is a great shot of Robert and I like to think he’s looking pleased that I’m taking photos of him.” Andy Vella


Smith on Roof


“This was on the roof of the Rio Paris hotel in Brazil. I think Robert had just given an interview. I only went out there to show him some artwork, but I happened to have my camera so I took some pictures of him.” Andy Vella



“I went out to Ireland in 1987 to show Robert some artwork and he asked me to bring my camera along. I took a polaroid camera so he could see the pictures there and then. We just walked around for a day, and I took some pictures; this is one of them. Not a lot of people have seen these. I remember it was bloody freezing! We got this beautiful liquidity, the photo losing its print on the surface, and I think that brings something to it.” Andy Vella


robert_infinity_3044613k (1)

“This is from the colour roll session. Robert took a time out; five minutes so I could shoot off a couple rolls of film. There was a huge long shooting process and a lot of waiting around, but once you start on a roll you have to let them keep rolling. I always pulled him to one side to try and get these pictures. Sometimes I was lucky, other times it was less so. It’s called Infinity because Robert’s sitting in what they call an infinity cyclorama.” Andy Vella



“There was obviously some kind of banter between me and the band on the Just Like Heaven set. There was always a light-hearted atmosphere – Roger [O’Donnell, keyboardist] always shouted, “Has the flash gone off?” They’re giving me a look, aren’t they; a bit of attitude.” Andy Vella



“This was taken on Copacabana beach. I was flown out to get the album Kiss Me Kiss Me approved – one of the highlights of my career. It was 1987 and the band were on the beach. It was pretty early in my career when you’re feeling vulnerable taking pictures anyway – but I had this crowd behhind me, shouting and screaming at the band. There were bouncers everywhere. It was really unbelievable and I was thinking, “I hope something comes out!” People were throwing things, trying to get their attention; it was crazy.” Andy Vella