Superchunk – In Between Days

Superchunk’s last album, Here’s To Shutting Up, came out in 2001. (For those keeping score, that’s a long-ass time ago.) The legendary Chapel Hill band has played a few gigs in the last decade, but mostly kept quiet, so when a Chicago show was announced, we made a collective little “squee” noise. And since we’re obviously big fans (“Detroit Has A Skyline” is on the master Undercover list!), we finagled and asked nicely and begged the quartet to drop by and record a song for us. Superchunk chose “In Between Days” by The Cure, and made it–as you’ll see–their own. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard: There’s a new Superchunk album just around the corner, called Majesty Shredding. It comes out September 14 on Merge, and it’s a rocker in that old-school Superchunk way. Get excited.