The Cure Debut Two New Songs

Legendary goth rock group The Cure, who have not released an album since 2008’s 4:13 Dream, played two new songs in New Orleans last night. Below, a fan footage via YouTube. The songs, which are suspected to be called ‘Step Into The Light’ and ‘It Can Never Be The Same’. ‘Step Into The Light’ is the catchier of the two new songs with a more upbeat vibe and major key melody. ‘It Can Never Be The Same’ seems cut from a similar cloth to much of 1989’s Disintegration, as it’s a pensive, dark, and dirge like endeavour.

Un pensiero su “The Cure Debut Two New Songs

  1. Cher Tonino,
    I know nothing of writing Italian although to me, it is by far the most beautiful language spoken.. very melodic. My parents are French, so I am fairly fluent in that language. The purpose of my writing is to ask you about a piece you wrote concerning “Kyoto Song” by The Cure. You seem to be explaining the song’s true origins or meaning, which have something to do with Mary Poole Smith. I did not see a translate option for the article. Is that available? If not, I could copy and paste it into a translation app. or program if that would be easier for you. I am just wondering what it means in detail. I can decipher some of it but not much unfortunately. Thank you, Jacqueline Martin


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