The Cure New Album Finally On Its Way! Frontman Robert Smith Vents Out His Anger On Former Label Company


While The Cure has yet to reveal the release date, a new album is definitely in the works.

The English rock band who battled a seven-year-long trial with their former label has finally received a favorable settlement.

And what better way to celebrate their success is to finally work on a new album.

But before that, vocalist Robert Smith had to share his strong feelings about what happened between the band and their former label company.

“Honestly? Just pure bloody mindedness,” Smith told NME of their struggle. “I was so f*cking angry that [the label] wouldn’t release a double album that I wouldn’t give them the other songs.”

And while the band is struggling with the trial, they had to lose some of their members, but with new guitarist Reeves Gabrels, who has been with the band since 2012, things got better.

“A lot of stuff happened, unfortunately, with the last line-up of the band,” Smith explained. “People forget sometimes that even when you get older, when you play music with people, there’s a very intense relationship there and when that breaks down then it’s very difficult to just pretend it doesn’t matter.”

“The last line-up, there were a number of reasons why I felt unable to complete what we were doing. It was impossible to just get another line-up and bang out the songs we didn’t release; it would have been wrong.”

Furthermore, The Cure is currently working on a new album which will include songs from their unreleased record.

“There’s new stuff that we’re doing with this line-up and stuff we finished with the old line up,” Smith confirmed.

In a separate interview with Uncut, Smith even made a joke about the title of their new album claiming that it will be called “4:14 Scream,” as a remark to their last album “4:13 Dream.” He even said that while it’s “a dreadful title. Andy who does our covers has done a really great album cover for it, a kind of pastiche of me doing a scream, so maybe we’ll keep it. It’s one of those reverse psychology things, where it’s so bad it’s good.”

And while everything is going well with the band, Smith recalled the band’s experience with their former label and the problems they have to surpass following the unreleased double album.



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