Lost & Found: Where’s the Cure’s Horn Section and Robert Smith’s Crazy Hair?

Yes, that short-haired gentleman playing guitar without any makeup on in the above video is the Cure frontman Robert Smith. What we have here is a glimpse into the time before Smith grew his hair out and stopped washing it. It’s a time before he started wearing eyeliner and hi-top Reeboks.

And you may also notice the band is a little different — a bit smaller than what we’ve come to expect. That’s because on the band’s first album, ‘Three Imaginary Boys,’ the songs were simple, traditional rock arrangements. And many of the songs were short affairs, as opposed to the long, drawn-out songs that would come later, such as ‘Fascination Street.’ Many of the tracks on ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ are well under three minutes, and none of them get close to being four.

‘Jumping Someone Else’s Train’ was a single the band released around the same time as their first album. It still maintains the simple three-piece aesthetic the band started out with. It could’ve been on ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ and fit in perfectly with the rest of those songs.

None of this is to disparage the Cure’s later work. We’re big fans of just about every Cure album. To be sure, there are a few low points in the Cure discography, but it evens out to be great. But there is a distinct difference between the Cure when they first appeared and what they later became. To illustrate this point effectively, we’ve included a performance of another of our favorite Cure songs, ‘The 13th.’

© Chris Ford


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