The Cure’s Robert Smith names his Top 30 songs of the ’80s


Robert Smith of The Cure hosted a special two-hour countdown of his top 30 favorite songs from the ‘80s on Sirius XM’s 1st Wave channel on Friday. Curious what songs he picked? Here’s the list, in alphabetical order:

ABC – “The Look of Love”
The Associates – “Tell Me Easter’s On Friday”
Bananarama and Fun Boy Three – “It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It”
David Bowie – “Let’s Dance”
Kate Bush – “Cloudbusting”
Cocteau Twins – “Persephone”
Cristina – “Things Fall Apart”
Daf – “Sex Unter Wasser”
Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus”
Dinosaur Jr – “Freak Scene”
Echo and the Bunnymen – “The Killing Moon”
Peter Gabriel – “Red Rain”
The Human League – “Human”
The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Some Candy Talking” 
Joy Division – “The Eternal”
Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You”
Madness – “Return of the Los Palmas Seven” 
Mel and Kim – “Respectable”
My Bloody Valentine – “Lose My Breath”
New Order – “Everything’s Gone Green”
Yoko Ono – “Walking on Thin Ice”
The Pixies – “Gigantic”
The Pretenders – “Don’t Get Me Wrong”
Prince – “Starfish and Coffee”
Psychedelic Furs – “Heaven”
Siouxie and the Banshees – “Dear Prudence”
Soft Cell – “Tainted Love”
The Sugarcubes – “Birthday”
Suzanne Vega – “Small Blue Thing”
Tom Waits – “In the Neighborhood”


11 pensieri su “The Cure’s Robert Smith names his Top 30 songs of the ’80s

  1. Bobby, Bobby. You’re a celebrity. You’re so rich you have more money than you know what to do with. So for the love of god, spend a few hundred pounds on teeth-whitening. Your chompers are practically the color of your skin.

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  3. Funny thing is, or maybe not, I liked the Cure before most people had heard of them in the US, getting their cassettes by mail in the early 1980s, and then totally got disgusted by them by the end of the 1980s. To this day, I flip the channel instantly when they come on. This list is weak. No Talking Heads, no Smiths, no B-52s, no 10,000 Maniacs, etc., etc., but yes to Yoko Ono and Suzanne Vega?

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