Beautiful Noise Premiere Announcement

The definitive documentary about influential 80’s and 90’s guitar bands who harnessed massively loud sounds using a sea of effects pedals and delivered some of the most BEAUTIFUL NOISE ever recorded.


Beautiful Noise is an in-depth exploration of the dense, sensuous, and extremely loud movement in popular music, which was pejoratively named “shoegaze” by the British press. Tracing its influences back to the Cocteau Twins’ ethereal ambiance and the Jesus and Mary Chain’s brash guitar sound, the film explores how bands like My Bloody Valentine fused these two disparate sounds together to create a distinctive, new musical style. Acts including Slowdive, Ride, and Lush furthered the genre’s ideals of sonic experimentation without the grandiose stage personas of traditional pop stars. First-time director Eric Green scores a coup by getting this notoriously press shy bunch to open up about their music and experiences: the class politics behind the genre’s poor treatment in the British press, My Bloody Valentine’s infamous falling out with Creation Records, and how that band defied the rules to become sonic innovators whose music is only now receiving its due respect. These interviews are woven together with rare archival footage and testimonials from other music icons—including Trent Reznor and the Cure’s Robert Smith—to tell the story of a group of bands that aspired to not simply have a hit song for one week, but to make music that would change lives forever.

After almost a year and a half in the licensing wilderness, Eric Green’s Beautiful Noise music documentary has finally got an opening date! May 31 at SIFF Cinema Uptown in Seattle, Washington. 


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