La vita secondo Bob – Part V


“Reading is something I’ve really missed, not being able to enter people’s worlds. But I never seem to have time for it: I’m either too tired or I’ve been drinking. Last night I don’t know where I ended up! I remember walking through a hotel reception and it was daylight. I was still drinking at six o’clock in the morning and I thought, I wouldn’t be doing this if I was at home. I started out in the Cure reflecting things that I thought were important, and it’s reached a point where it takes over and becomes the thing that is important. I’d like to take a lot of time off – maybe all through next year – and do things as a person rather than a singer or someone in the Cure. But I suppose it was always at the back of my mind that people would forget who we were. There’s always people around sowing seeds of doubt. ‘If you go away for too long, you can’t really come back.’ I’m confident enough now to know what’s rubbish. I think if we took a two-year break, it wouldn’t matter at all as long as what we did next was good.”



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