La leva calcistica del 59 – part I

When winger Robert had no Cure for defeat


  Crawley History Robert Smith played for Wasps (Three Bridges) in 1975



Can you spot the soon-to-be music legend in this line-up of young footballers?

We have Observer reader and music man Gary Mayhem to thank for turning up this gem.

Gary’s email: “If you look at The Crawley Observer, Friday March 21st 1975, page 67, yes, that is Robert Smith of The Cure at 15 years and 11 months young” had some of the older members of staff scurrying for the archive to find the edition in question.

The picture quality isn’t brilliant, but spending almost 40 years in a cupboard sandwiched between 1955 and 1969 is likely to make anyone age badly.

The picture shows the boys of the Wasps (Three Bridges) football team, who were beaten 2-3 by Shoreham in the Sussex Minor Cup. The match was played at Haslett Avenue.

Robert is in the back row on the far left, looking away from the camera.

Despite his team’s loss, Robert himself seems to have played well. The report read: “The forceful running of Alan Royes and Mick Gray, combined with the devastating wing play of Robert Smith and Dee Martin had kept Shoreham under constant pressure.”

It’s good to know he had something to fall back on in case that music lark didn’t take off…

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